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Romania International Children's Foundation

Sherman, Jeremy and Mandy's Christmas at Acasa

Christmas in Romania, started for us as Christmas in Texas. Lots of family and friends helped us get stockings and clothes together for the boys. Mandy, Jeremy, and I felt like Santa with lots of goodies in our bags for our Christmas in the trip over the Atlantic.

Sherman Jeremy and boys

Jeremy and Sherman with Acasa boys Christmas morning

The night before Christmas only 7 boys were in the house. We were so blessed in that the other boys had extended family or friends or educators to go home with for the holidays. That evening we got to talk to the boys about ‘The Greatest Christmas Gift, Ever”. That was our gift of God’s own son, Jesus. After the boys were tucked in their beds, the little Texan elves, along with our wonderful Romanian elf (Gabi) got the stockings all ready. Magically the stockings appeared at the boy’s bedside during the night.


Sherman Christmas 2006 1

Opening up the stockings!


Christmas morning Niki, Magda, Mandy, Jeremy and I were all ready when the boys woke up. We heard the boys making noises upstairs. By the time we got there, the excited boys had dumped their stockings full of toys and candy on their beds. Marius and Florin were playing with their new toys. Little Marius and Nicu had Christmas Stockings on their feet. Teenagers Mihai and Toni were trying to wake up. Everyone was excited that Santa had come. Little Marius looking at his one sock said (in Romanian) “Santa must be like us sometime, he only has one sock”.


Mandy with boys

Mandy with boys Christmas morning!

Our wonderful cooks had prepared an English breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast for this special Christmas breakfast. Later that morning little Marius was reflecting back on the days' events. “I thought Tati Sherman was Santa, but he couldn’t be, my Santa reads Romanian.”

I hope all of you had as wonderful of a Christmas as Mandy, Jeremy and I had. We are so blessed to have a staff that loves our boys so much and are such wonderful hosts.

Sherman Graham - Irving, Texas USA

Sherman Graham, 19/01/2007

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