What are the aims of the professional development project?

RICF’s professional development project aims to help young people reaching the age of 18 to become integrated into their community, and to participate actively in community life.
We hope that through this project, young people will be able to find a job which they enjoy, and will be professionally integrated at a higher level than would have been possible without their participation in the project.
The project aims to optimise interpersonal relationships and communication, in different social media from those to which the young person is accustomed such as professional training courses, university, college, and ultimately in the workplace.
It aims to promote growth in the young person’s self image and belief in their own capacity by encouraging them to complete their education, in order to obtain a job at their desired place of work.
It aims to familiarise young people with the opportunities offered to them by Romanian society, and with their rights as young people in Romanian society.
It also aims to teach the young person how to administer their income in a way which means they can live independently by the time they completes their participation in the project, with no need for financial or material support from RICF.