Independent Living

Teenagers support group 2015 
September 2017 update on this project


This project is intended to support young people who are participating in RICF's 'A Family for me' fostering project or in our Family reunification project, as they enter their teenage years and prepare for independent living. 

Wherever possible, young people are encouraged to continue living as part of their biological or substitute family while they further their education or pursue their chosen career path. However, they will be assisted in the transition towards financial independence with an individually tailored package of support. This is particularly important where the young person has been in a foster placement and the formal placement and financial support is due to come to an end.

RICF will offer mentoring, financial and educational support, with regular contact with RICF's social workers. The young person will learn to manage his or her own budget, receive help with choosing educational courses and apprenticeships, and will be invited to monthly meetings with peer support and discussions, facilitated by RICF.