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RICF is looking for active supporters (individuals, church groups, families or groups of friends) who wish to support the work of RICF. This could include raising awareness about RICF's work or doing some fundraising.


Supporters may wish to visit Romania to see at first hand the work RICF is doing, in order to become more informed so they can help raise awareness about the work that we do once they get back home. RICF will happily arrange programs for short visits of up to a week, to include spending time with staff, and the opportunity to visit children in family placements. By offering people the opportunity to become part of the RICF family for a week, we hope to improve their understanding about the project to facilitate fundraising.


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How to apply


If you are resident in Romania:

Please contact RICF's General Director, Ovidiu Ferent, directly to ask about opportunities to support RICF.

If you are resident outside of Romania:

Please contact


POZA copii reintegrati

For any questions about being an active supporter, please contact RICF board member Ruth Barley. Ruth has been to Romania as a volunteer with RICF on several occasions. She has been appointed to process applications for all applicants from outside of Romania who wish to visit.


Alice Horton, 09/04/2009

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