Ionut's Story

Ionut at new house

Thanks to special donations from the UK a house and plot of land have been purchased for Ionut  (24, pictured above with mother, step-father and uncle).


Ionut Ionut in 2000was cared for by RICF from when it was founded in 1999. RICF traced Ionut’s mother in a remote part of North-east Romania, and she was overjoyed to be reunited with him. In 2002 RICF oversaw Ionut’s reintegration with his mother and step-father, and the family have been struggling to make ends meet in rented accommodation three miles from the nearest village. Donations were received to solve their accommodation difficulties some years ago, and have been accruing interest until the right house could be found. Ionut is currently doing opportunistic work in the construction industry and repairing mopeds for friends and acquaintances.


The RICF team have recently visited the family and have made a short film about his story, which you can download here, with English subtitles.


It was touching to watch the video, particularly where Ionut talks about RICF: “The Foundation is like a family to me, because it looked after me. When I was on the streets, it took me home. We were clothed, washed, given shoes to wear, we were taken to school. They gave us an education and we learnt very many things.” Ionut and his family would like to thank those who generously gave money to help him fulfil his dream of purchasing a house of his own.


Suzie Marsden, 16/12/2010