Genna's stay at Acasa



I was privileged to spend three weeks at Acasa this Summer and to get to know the boys and staff there, and to join in with their activities over the holiday period. Right from the start I was struck by the boys’ kindness and exceptional behaviour and by how much they looked out for each other – a real tribute to the dedication of such a hard-working and friendly team of staff. It was so good to hear of how much individuals had changed during their stay at the foundation.









Genna and Mariusica

 A recorder lesson with Genna




There were so many highlights during my visit, but some of the most memorable included trips to Bucharest’s beautiful parks, drawing pictures with the boys, hours of games and being dunked in the pool (and being pushed in whilst fully clothed…), recorder lessons and English lesson team games, card game forfeits, table tennis doubles with Sorin, learning Romanian songs and many conversations with Toni and Ianut and Mami’s Niki, Jeni and Mihaela.

I felt especially privileged to get to know the boys as individuals and to join in with their quiet times in the evenings as well as to visit some of the children’s homes around Bucharest. I also really enjoyed having the opportunity to visit the Romanian mountains with Marius and friends one weekend and it was great to get to know Alice when she came to Acasa during my last week there.

 Genna in Brasov
Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming and translating/putting up with my attempts at Romanian!
O sa-mi fie dor de voi!
Genna Macdonald, 06/08/2007