Ruth revisits Acasa

Ruth with Niki
Ruth with Niki, one of RICF's educators

I have just come back from spending a couple of weeks in Romania at Acasa. It had been 3 years since I was last there and lots of exciting changes have happened at the foundation since then.


When I was last in Bucharest the boys were living in a different building and their new house was still a building site which was only partly roofed. It was wonderful to see the boys living in this purpose built home and using all the facilities there, such as the football pitch and swimming pool.


A few of the boys living at Acasa were there when I was last in Romania so it was great to catch up with them and the staff members who I got to know during my last trip as well as meeting all the new boys and staff.


Ruth with boys and staff

 Ruth with boys and staff on a summer excursion

The schools were still on their summer holidays during my visit so we had a fun time together playing outside in the garden, swimming, going to the park and doing lots of other things. I even had some football lessons from some of the boys which for a hardened rugby fan was a little unexpected!


As last time that I was in Romania I learnt a lot during my time at Acasa and was overwhelmed once again by the privilege I felt at being welcomed into this special family. The resilience and love of life that the boys have is always a refreshing experience and the hard work and dedication of the staff is a joy to see. I would like to thank all the boys and staff for making me feel at home with them and for all that they did for me during my stay.

Ruth with boys and staff

 Ruth with boys and RICF staff

Ruth, 10/10/2006