Our core values


Children belong in loving families

RICF believes that children thrive best in families where they are loved and valued.
RICF supports vulnerable families at risk of abandoning their babies, to help them to keep their children within the family unit and provide them with the best possible love and care.
RICF employs, trains and supports foster carers to provide the best possible love and care for children who have no family of their own able to care for them. 

Protection from harm

Child Protection is of paramount importance to RICF. RICF strives to ensure that children supported through its projects feel safe, and are actively protected from harm. 

RICF is aware of potential dangers particularly for vulnerable women and children in Romania, and works with vulnerable women in its abandonment prevention project, to ensure they and their children are protected from harm.

RICF provides training and support to help the vulnerable adults and young people involved in its projects to stay safe in personal relationships, in their workplace, and on the internet.

Child-centered care

RICF seeks to provide for the spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs of children supported through its projects. We believe that every child should experience love and feel loved and valued.

We want to enable each child to develop his or her sense of personal identity, fulfill his or her potential and to provide each child with the necessary training and skills to help him or her become integrated into Romanian society.

Integrity and Justice

RICF aims to demonstrate and nurture the highest standards of courtesy and respect, honesty and truth, justice, accountability and responsibility.

RICF shall not tolerate the giving or receiving of bribes. 
RICF shall be open and honest in its accounting methods and shall use each donation according to the wishes of the donor.

RICF shall pay a fair wage to all of its employees.
RICF acts as an advocate to defend the rights of the children involved in its projects, and accepts and treats equally children and families from all cultural and religious backgrounds.

RICF works with vulnerable families to ensure they can access allowances and support for which they are eligible, and to help them fight against injustice in their own lives.


Unity and Diversity

RICF sees its project beneficiaries, headquarters team and wider team of staff and volunteers, Board members, sponsors and other supporters as part of an essential team. The contribution of every team member is valued and important, and there is strength in diversity. 

Striving for excellence

We want to build a better present and more hopeful future for disadvantaged women and children.

We are committed to continuous improvement, adapting to changing circumstances, making the most of opportunities, and leading by example.

RICF, 13/12/2017