Winter 2011 Newsletter

Welcome to our Winter 2011 newsletter. RICF board member Ruth has recently returned from a visit to Romania. Please click here to download our newsletter in its 'print and fold' version to find out all about how RICF is changing lives for the better.

Ruth and Ioana visiting

Ruth (left) and RICF social worker Ioana (right) visit one of the young mothers and her baby being supported through our 'maternity project' - prevention of child abandonment

Thank you so much for your ongoing support for RICF, without which none of this work would be possible.

Every blessing this Christmas time and through 2012.

Please do get in touch with any ideas and feedback.

God bless,

Suzie, Alice, Ruth, Diana (RICF board) and Suzie, Jean, Alice (RICF UK charity trustees)
RICF, 15/12/2011