Jo's impressions of her time at Acasa

I spent August as a volunteer at Acasa and was greeted with a very warm welcome by the children and staff.  I was instantly struck by Acasa's loving atmosphere and it is immediately obvious how much the staff care for the children.  It was such a pleasure and privilege to get to know each of the boys and their very individual personalities and to spend some of their holidays with them. 


I will never forget the younger boys faces as they played pass the parcel with the volunteers from St Albans, and the fun all the boys had playing musical chairs!  The "Spectacular" was also a real highlight, a show with drama, songs, poems and dance, which the boys performed excellently with much energy and enthusiasm, and how exciting it was to watch it back on DVD afterwards.




Jo with Amelia, one of Acasa's cooks


Jo and Marius


Jo with one of the boys at Acasa

I miss each of the boys very much and have lots of special memories of each of the children.  Like George teaching me how to ask for flour in a shop in Romanian, Emil's acrobatics in the swimming pool, looking at photographs with the two younger Mariuses, playing chess with Laurentiu, speaking English with Ionut and the gentlemanly behaviour of Stefan and Toni.


I had the most amazing time in Bucharest, and pray that God will continue to use the work of the Foundation to improve the lives of so many children.

Jo, 19/09/2005