Karina's thoughts about her time at Acasa

I was able to visit Acasa from August 14-18, one day less than planned as my original flight was cancelled due to BA strikes. It had been 7 years since my last visit, and I loved meeting all the boys and workers I had only heard about from Suzie and Jean. In fact there was only one person I remembered - Sorin the educator.



Karina with one of our boys and a big red dog!


I was struck by how happy and healthy the boys were, and how the home seemed more like a family than a home. I was able to help clean house 3, play with the boys, and visit Vali in his foster home while I was there. It was nice that my visit coincided with Mike Mahaney's, a friend of mine from the Vineyard Church in Toledo, Ohio."


Monastery at Sinaia


Karina also managed to fit in a trip to the mountains at Sinaia during her visit, and took this beautiful photo of a monastery there.

Karina Havard, 26/08/2005