Frequently Asked Questions - Fostering

Q. Are all of the children cared for within Romania?

A. Yes. RICF believes the best place for Romanian children to be brought up understanding their own culture, language and history is within Romania. The only exception to this is where the Romanian family with whom a child has been placed decides to move overseas and applies to the Romanian authorities to take the child overseas with them as part of their family.

Q. How much does it cost per month for a child to be cared for in a foster placement?

A. Approximately £390 ($640) per month which includes the foster carer's salary, employers' taxes payable on the salary and a placement allowance for the child's expenses. Once the placement is up and running, we apply to the local child protection authority to request that they take over employment of the foster carer. Where this does occur, it is a great help to RICF as it means RICF only needs to provide the child's allowance and RICF's resources are freed to allow us to organise a placement for another orphaned or abandoned child. 

Q. Are all of the foster families Romanian?

A. Yes, in order to bring children up within their own culture, we employ Romanian foster families. Where possible we aim to also match children to families of the same ethnicity.

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