Winter 2010 Newsletter

Ruth and Diana
Welcome to our Winter newsletter. We are pleased to once again bring you news of recent events in Romania. We currently support a total of 36 children and young people in our various projects and with the help of sponsors in Romania we have just been able to recruit three more foster carers and hope to recruit an additional four in the near future.  Since our last newsletter six mother and baby pairs have ‘graduated‘ from our Maternity Project, and another five babies and their mothers have joined us.
We hope you enjoy the news contained in this newsletter and we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of our work. As you will see from this update your support really does make a direct impact on the lives of the children and young people that we work with.
Thank you!

Left: Board member Ruth visiting baby Diana during her September visit to Bucharest

Training foster carers

foster carers training oct10

One of our key aims is to provide training to foster parents in order to improve practice in foster care across Romania. One step towards this, accomplished in October, was the provision of a training course, available free of charge, to state foster carers within Bucharest.
The course was attended by 16 foster carers (right with 2 trainers from RICF HQ). The participants deepened their knowledge about childcare and raising children, and received diplomas. They were grateful to have formed a connection with RICF. 

The RICF team are in the process of submitting a funding application and we hope to receive European funds to enable us to provide a much more extensive program of training courses for foster parents and also for babysitters.

Financial situation

Maria is thriving in her foster placement

We are excited by the generous funding by a Romanian donor which is allowing us to recruit seven more foster parents. However, a slow decline in sponsorship worldwide since the start of the recession means that we are currently unable to further expand our work to support more needy families. We are constantly looking for new fundraising ideas and opportunities. If you would like to help us raise funds through a sponsorship event, special collection at your church or through giving or hosting a talk about our work please contact board member Ruth to discuss your idea and see how we can support you in your efforts.
Perhaps you would like to make a special Christmas donation to RICF, which would be a fantastic way of helping RICF as part of your Christmas celebration this year. Please either follow the link above for the most cost-effective way of making your donation or else simply click on the donate now tab at the top right of the website screen.
Check out our online gift shop when looking for a creative Christmas present for your family and friends. Please remember that we have unusual gifts available for purchase online throughout the year, to suit all sorts of occasions.


Another practical thing you can do to help is to sign up to easyfundraising and nominate RICF's UK partner charity JLR  so that every time you make a purchase with many major online retailers you will make a small contribution to RICF via JLR.

Children belong in loving families

This is one of RICF’s six core values. Two brothers thriving in long term foster care with RICF
Watch a 2 minute video by The EACH campaign then have your
say in our online forum about why it is important for children to have a family. Let us know your thoughts on the video and why you believe that children belong in families.

Family placement project

Update on our family placement project 'A Family for me' and the children supported in it.

Family reunification project

Update on our family reunification project and the children and young people supported in it.

Maternity project

Update on our maternity project and the mothers and babies supported through it.

Young people previously helped by RICF

News of boys RICF has previously supported.

Social worker Mona visits the UK

Many thanks to SFAC (Substitute Families for Abandoned Children) and Team Fostering for arranging and hosting Mona’s June visit to Sheffield, where she learned lots about social work and foster care practice in the UK. We are very grateful for the ongoing expertise and support provided by these UK charities. Read more about Mona's visit.

Print your RICF and JLR newsletters

Please download your print-and-fold version of the RICF newsletter here and give copies to your friends and families to tell them about our work. These A5 newsletters are ideal to enclose with your unusual Christmas gifts, to explain more about what RICF does to the gift recipients.

Please also download the Winter 2010 newsletter for our UK partner charity JLR. This contains further information about our financial situation, and prayer points for those who wish to pray for our work.

Many thanks to all of you for your support of RICF's work. Without you none of this would be possible!

God bless,

Suzie Marsden on behalf of the RICF Board
RICF Board, 08/12/2010