Unusual Gift Shop

Thank you to all of you who have bought RICF's Unusual Gifts over the last few months.  All of the gifts have gone to provide an essential resource for our boys.   We have heard from some of our customers that the presents have been used as gifts for lots of different occasions including birthdays, Christmas, weddings and anniversaries .  In the run up to Christmas they have been particularly popular with purchases ranging from 'Fresh fruit for a week' and 'Christmas packs' up to 'Sponsor a boy at Acasa for a month.'  In December we raised over £850 in Unusual Gifts. 


george and marius 


Our 4 most popular presents at this time were 'Fruit for a Week', 'Winter Clothes', 'Winter Boots' and 'Christmas Packs.'  These purchases have greatly helped the work of RICF.  Many of our boys at Acasa were able to spend some time in a family environment over the festive period and are extremely grateful for your kindness in making this possible through purchasing a 'Christmas Pack'.  They are also thankful for your purchases of warm winter clothing and boots.  Winters in Romania get very cold with temperatures dropping to and below freezing point.  Snow is very common.  These gifts have been critical in helping us provide suitable winter wear for the boys in our care.  Thank you from all of us for your purchases.


While a few of the items in the shop were only available over the Christmas period the majority of our gifts are available all year round.  Don't forget to check out our online shop when you are looking for that special present.  There is a wide range of gifts making them suitable for all occasions and for people of all ages and interests.  They also make a great way of introducing your church, youth group, work place etc to RICF and to get them involved with fundraising for us.  We found that work colleagues were happy to donate money towards an unusual gift instead of buying each other Christmas cards.  Can you think of any other creative ideas of fundraising with an unusual gift?  Let me know if you do!


If you know of somewhere where you can advertise our Gift Shop please download a poster here.  Alternatively if you would like to make use of our Unusul Gift Shop Information pack please contact me and I can provide you with one.



Ruth Barley, 04/01/2008