Christmas celebration

December has arrived with a flurry of activities and events! One of the special events was the Christmas Celebration hosted by the children from 'Acasa'. The children made a huge effort to show their gratitude towards sponsors and those who have been supporting them and spending time with them over the months and years. 

spectacol dec 2007 2
Guided by the educators and supervisors, the boys from 'Acasa' prepared songs, carols, poems, sketches and dances, and enthralled the audience with their talents. Their efforts, under the guidance of the RICF staff team, resulted in a beautiful show, accompanied by plentiful applause from the audience, and gifts were given to the children at the end of the performance. 

spectacol dec 2007
The guests were also able to admire and purchase craftwork made by the children throughout the year. Another surprise which the boys prepared was that they made cakes for the guests and distributed them dressed as chefs.

Alina Itu, social worker
Alina Itu, 21/12/2007